Good Drugs

Hello Internet people. I’ve been silent for a few minutes here and I thought I’d explain why. Turns out, someone has the flu. That someone appears to be me if my general terrible feeling is any indication. I’ve taken some sort of medicine that I can’t identify, but I can report that it tastes like liquified garbage. Though, in saying that, I have to reveal my gratitude for its existence. I may feel worse when choking it down, but in the long run I am better off for the amazing work done by medical researchers. Hopefully, I won’t need to take advantage of other breakthroughs like my friend’s grandfather had to over the weekend when he suffered a heart attack. He’s on the mend now and all signs point to a swift recovery and that’s all thanks to those crazily educated doctors (and nurses and anyone else keeping that hospital running, like the engineers and electricians and so on).

Comparatively, I’m healthy as an ox and I feel that way, besides the moments I feel every viscous, dripping, molecule in my gut, wrenching upward against gravity to spew from my mouth in disgusting glory. Yes, besides that… lovely.

I’m having one of those real lack of crisis periods. Life is stacking up in the corner of this room. Every once in a while I peek over and see the tower leaning, ready to crumble, but I stay calm. Life. Future. Babies. Career. Phd. Parents. Love. Childhood. Words words words. Meaning is buried somewhere in there and I’m digging every day. My little version of manual labor that’s sickening when you think about the true struggles of manual labor. Not as sickening as a virus or bacterium, but you know what I mean.

And being slightly sick and on awesome medicine has one distinct benefit. It allows me to act and write like an insane fool with a beautiful excuse. At the end of this, rather than thinking I’m a terrible writer and seeing my mind deteriorating as each word is written down, a lot of you lovely people will feel empathy to some degree. I can get away with literary and intellectual murder.


Away, I plan on catching up on my blog reading tomorrow as I plan to spend 21 hours of the next 24 in bed. I hope you lovely people have written some fascinating stuff for me.


Good Drugs