Party Pooper

I’m going to an engagement party tomorrow. Weddings and tradition make me uncomfortable. Beyond the social anxiety, I don’t really see the point in weddings or most traditions. That’s being as generous as I can be. Truthfully, I think they’re stupid. But my problems aren’t that deep and I don’t care enough about them to hate them. I just ask the why question. Why do these things? Do they mean something to you simply because they meant something (probably completely different) in the past? There are all these days and events to make you acknowledge love and respect. Only a silly fool would actually need those excuses to show love. That’s why I hate the concept of Father’s Day. A day that forces children to acknowledge their fathers? That must feel great. I’d rather a significant other say or do something small and nice on a random day than have extravagant plans for Valentine’s Day. Because my life contains 364 days besides Valentine’s Day every year. I want those to be good more than I want a great single day. Throw that day away. Make hot chocolate and coffee and let’s play a board game in July.
I guess those days are supposed to be fun. But why are we making excuses to have fun?
Anyway, when you philosophically disagree with something, it makes any sort of enjoyment a bit fake. “Oh my god, this is such a great party (thats premise is a joke).”
Plus it all reminds me too much of the loud attention seeking kid in school. You get an engagement party, a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and the actual wedding? Do you get presents at all of these? Because seriously, you’re the worst. Growing up we learn the world doesn’t revolve around us, but we sure love excuses to make it seem like it does.
And I’m a downer. I’m aware. But don’t think I walk into the party with both middle fingers up or some crazy nonsense like that. I politely keep my critiques to myself and lie to all my friends. That’s what a good person does, right?

Party Pooper

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