The Most Interesting Update Ever

It might be fun to write this entire post pretending that it’s fascinating, but it also sounds tedious and will probably wear out its welcome more quickly than I can anticipate. So you’ve caught me, I admit this is interesting to almost no one. That said, a few people do read, or at least like, my posts about music so I thought I should explain their absence during the last two days. I’ve changed my mind about posting them every day. I’ve decided to post a music blog every two or three days.

I’ll explain as if someone is interested. I have enjoyed listening and writing about a new(ish) album every day but at certain times I was forcing them. Most days I can find an hour or two while I do chores/shower/drive/read/etc to listen with varying degrees of attention to music. Some days I can’t find the time and I only hear the album once. That’s not enough for a proper review. And while my reviews are short and informal, I’d still like to give more attention to each album, if only for my own pleasure. Instead of having a good time exploring an album, I’m trying to find key aspects to write about. That’s not too fun.

I figured the reasonable response would be to change what I was doing. Which brings me to my decision.

I’m not sure how many people care about my music reviews or opinions. If you do read them, thank you. I hope they are somewhat enjoyable and the music is alright. I’m happy to hear your opinions on what I write and the bands themselves.

or if you have any bands you’d like reviewed, feel free to send them my way.


The Most Interesting Update Ever

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