40 Days of Music – Day 4: Classics

*posting this from a hotel room, apologies for any problems and general apology for my existence. Enjoy, if possible.

I’ve been going through the list of the 40 Best Emo Records of All Time posted over on the Rolling Stone website. Today we have a band, like Mineral, that is ubiquitous in the emo/indie rock scene but relatively unknown outside it. Unlike Mineral, I had never listened to Indian Summer, so this was, like my last entry, another introduction. The last band, Into It. Over It. was the most recent release so far on the list, and today we have the oldest (so far). We go all the way back to the early 90’s for this one.


Number 37: Indian Summer – Science 1994 (2002)

For those not well versed in the independent music scene, lots of bands release 7 inches, splits and eps because they are cheaper to record and since no one’s selling 230000000 records in basements, it makes sense to only do what you can afford. Bands often then release a collection of those harder to find songs. So this is a collection of songs recorded in the early 90’s that was thrown together and released. It’s not necessarily a cohesive album, the songs weren’t necessarily meant to go together.
My first impressions are this is a classic sounding early emo record. There a lot of punk/hardcore elements to the songs, just with a willingness to shut all of the aggression off at the drop of a hat. Sort of in the vein of Fugazi with loud chaotic, followed by quiet, calmed down parts. It’s the classic loud/quiet dynamic, before it was hijacked by screamo. At times, it’s almost structureless. It’s reminiscent of improvisation at a jazz concert. It’s kind of amazing. It’s way heavier, in every way, than all the previous bands. It’s gross, it’s abrasive sounding, it’s soft and sweet, it’s tortured. It’s crunchy and beautiful. There are nice grooves and utter nonsense. Very few bands can pull off so many conflicting feelings back to back.

40 Days of Music – Day 4: Classics

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