i wonder who i’ll see

I’ve started to feel empty when there’s no electricity flowing around my body,
It feels too much like darkness covering my mind,
As if my thoughts can poison themselves,
As if I’m an enemy.

I don’t know your name,
But I miss you.
You are a source of light,
And heat,
That breaks through the rain clouds of my life.

You are a stranger,
A smile,
A face,
I wish I had a name.
You are a passing moment,
The connection eyes can make.
I want to love you.
I want to laugh with you.
I want to walk through fire with you.
I can hold you when we’re weak,
So we’ll have four legs to stand on.
You have a voice I can almost hear.
Pulling me back.

I will never see you again.

I hope you enjoyed this, it took a lot of time to work out, but I’m pleased with where it ended up.
If you’re a regular reader. Thank you for staying with me, I know I’m all over the place. To see familiar names and faces like and comment means a lot to me, especially when I feel a little down. There’s a sense of feeling understood and not so alone.
If you’re new, I hope you stick around.
Thanks for reading.

i wonder who i’ll see

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