New Layout

I realized I hadn’t changed the layout of my blog since I started it, whenever the heck that was. I chose a new one that I think looks pretty sleek and neat. I didn’t customize it much at all so I’m not taking any credit for how it looks, but I like it regardless. It might be a little too white for me, but maybe I’m just sensitive to light.

Any input would be appreciated, especially if something looks bad.


I’m trying to decide if more projects is a good thing or if it’s smarter to pare down what I put on my metaphoric plate. (I haven’t eaten today, I should probably add to my literal plate.) Jack of all trades, master of none.

Maybe a bit of focus would do me good. It’d be a writer trying to write 5 books at once, none related to each other in the least. Completely different genres entirely. Perhaps different languages on top of that. Languages he doesn’t even speak, yet.

I don’t do posts like this very often, but let’s be as chaotic as possible since I’ve committed to this nonsense.

Raise your hand if you’ve thrown your back out.

How utterly terrifying is it when you tell yourself to move and nothing happens? I like to think this body is mine and somewhat under my control. I admit defeat in regards to bending my limbs in both directions, but walking, hopping, bending, grabbing. All those simple things are more or less consistent. I tell my fingers to snap and you can hear it. I tell my toes to wiggle and look at them dance. I threw my back out last week and was more scared than in pain, though it hurt like little else. The idea that this could happen permanently is like telling me I’m entering the Hunger Games or being kidnapped in the all around better story/film Battle Royale. It’s my worst nightmare, slightly ahead of going brain dead, since I know I won’t be conscious to experience it if that happens.

I enjoy my autonomy more than I realize most days. I take it for granted that my feet will continue dancing when I hear music and my fingers will move when I sit down to type.


Sorry for the disjointed nature of this blog. If I can make it up to you, feel free to tell me how. I’ll listen to your favorite new band, or read your favorite book.

New Layout

2 thoughts on “New Layout

    1. It’s a little generic. I don’t listen to metal but appreciate a lot of it just for the sheer and obvious talent that goes into making it, but this song leaves all that out. The industrial thing really seems to be making a comeback (maybe riding on the trap/dubstep stuttering nonsense music), and it never really appealed to me.
      I like her yell/scream, though. Sounds like she’s tearing her throat out, which is pretty rad.
      Thanks for exposing me to something new to me.

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