More Things I’m Digging

Mandatory coffee entry. Lazily fancy and about 1/20 the price of going to a coffee shop, though you can’t beat hanging out in a coffee shop.


I’m enjoying REWARDS right about now. I tend to be a fairly negative person, primarily in my approach to myself. I see the good and the bad that comes with being relatively harsh on myself, but I like it a little. I think it forces me to be better because I never accept where I am. But lately I’ve needed some kindness from myself, which is a sentence that would make me cringe on most days. My rewards are relatively lame. They are usually books or allowing myself to go to a Barnes & Noble. Lately there’s been nothing better to motivate me to read than the knowledge that books are in the mail or I’m going to the bookstore over the weekend. There’s some weird, OCD-esque, drive in me to never have unread books in my house. To summarize, I like rewards.

And if that doesn’t work as a reward, a chocolate torte will do wonders.


This is from google because I ate mine too quickly.

DIY. Besides the stuff from pintrest that people love to make, having a passion and going for it has been a huge theme in my life since I was 13, and it’s become an even bigger part lately. Punk rock taught me that money wasn’t important but loving and caring about what you did and who you surrounded yourself with was. It’s just cool to see people focus on what they really care about and not what they think they should do. This doesn’t mean blindly pursuing something that might be going nowhere and frustrating yourself to insanity, but understanding how to accomplish what you want. That might mean accepting that you’ll have to live in a one bedroom apartment all by yourself for 5 years while trying to make clothing or work on a stand-up act. It’s the understanding of reality. And once you aren’t okay with the sacrifices, understanding that you can give up and try something else.
This website is a great example of that DIY attitude with plenty of people writing because they love it even if it isn’t their job. It’s so easy to give up your dreams and settle into a life that works relatively well but isn’t fulfilling. A lot of people here buck that trend and pursue what they want.



HATS – I never liked my head and found a nice way to cover it. Now my head is fashion.

WALKS – They force you to put everything else away, or you risk falling into the street or down into a river. With all the flashing lights and screens, it’s nice to see a tree once in awhile.



What have you been digging lately?


More Things I’m Digging

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