Things I’m Digging Again

Coffee – always

Absurd talent/skill – this is related to the skateboarding entry from last week. The time and effort it takes to acquire a legitimate skill is truly under-appreciated (maybe I’ll write a post on it someday). Anyway, this band, mouse on the keys, is ridiculous. It’s offensive how talented the drummer is, and the rest of the band isn’t too bad, either. Just thinking about how few people in the entire world can do specific things makes it impossible, or stupid, not to appreciate talent.


Green Day – Brainstew – also 90’s music. Weezer, Green Day, Nirvana. This requires a touch of backstory. I was painfully unaware of popular culture for, at least, the first 13 years of my life. I watched some tv shows, but my family only had one tv, so I rarely had control. However, since I never slept well, I’d watch old shows until 4 in the morning (in elementary school). In addition to old tv, the music I listened to, until I got into punk/indie rock at 13/14, was music my dad got me into. I loved the Kinks, the Beatles are the greatest band in history, The Turtles, etc. Awesome. But in 1994, alternative music got crazy popular. Green Day released Dookie, Weezer released Weezer (Blue), and Kurt Cobain died, with In Utero coming out near the end of 1993. Those bands were inescapable in my world and I loved them. Those were literally the only 3 bands I listened to that weren’t from the 50’s to late 70’s.
Long story, still too long, listening to Green Day, Weezer, or Nirvana instantly sends me back to being a kid alone in my room just loving those bands. Green Day and Nirvana were so intense and loud and fast. Weezer was weird and fun. Every so often I’ll get on a kick for one of those bands, or all of them, and that time is right now.


Neil deGrasse Tyson videos – One of the most inspiring people around right now. He’s the scientist that everyone knows for good reason. He’s skilled at explaining difficult concepts, and his passion for the subject itself, not for attention, is obvious to anyone watching. Every so often, science can overwhelm me to the point that I forget that I enjoy it. That will never stop because failing is frustrating and trying something difficult will almost always involve failing. But when I can’t see the reason I’m doing what I do, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, along with a few others, is always able to bring the wonder back to my eyes.


Other, small stuff:

Cameras: I like a decent camera that isn’t a phone. Phones are rad for the immediacy, but a camera that can take a good looking picture is nice. Caring about quality is nice.

Notebooks: Ever been on a vacation and decided to leave the camera/iPhones at home? I’ve started to try to let other people worry about pictures if they want pictures, and, instead, bring a notebook to write about what I’m seeing, what I think about it, how it feels, what’s happening, where we are, what time. All the little details and thoughts that can’t be captured in a still image.


Your turn.

Things I’m Digging Again

7 thoughts on “Things I’m Digging Again

  1. Great post. Yesss!!!
    Mouse on the keys is the perfect name for that song too. Loved it!!!
    Neil is awesome too. I used to question why his podcast was so highly ranked…then, I heard him speak..Hooked!
    Thanks for sharing the things you are digging.

  2. Robes. I’ve never understood my my mother cherished her worn out, lavender Garfield robe, but it was her most favorite thing in cool weather. She looked even more like a mom wearing it with her night gown or PJ’s with a book and sipping on coffee.

    I am a writer. I now have a robe. I now understand.

    1. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of a robe, and tried to pull it off when I was like 20, but I run hot and much prefer to be cold, so a robe makes me super uncomfortable.

      1. haha, maybe if it was snowing outside that would force me to wear a sweater. It’s around 60 degrees in my house right now and I’m rocking boxers and a t-shirt. Even socks make me too hot. I’m almost always uncomfortably warm, which is the main reason I like winter way more than summer.

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