Turning Back the Clock

Just a bit.

Music hits us the hardest in our mid to late teens and early twenties. There’s lots of speculation (and studies) but it seems the reason revolves around the idea that these are very emotionally heavy years for humans. Falling in love for the first time, perhaps falling out of love for the first time. Starting to explore the world on your own. Friends become closer, independence increases, and along with that comes highs and lows you’ve never experienced or could never properly comprehend (like when my grandpa died when I was very young, it didn’t make much sense to me). It’s around those teen years we start to try to figure out who we are separate from parents. And it makes sense that we need a soundtrack (how many movies have absolutely no music?).

Long story slightly less long, the parts of our brain that interpret music are close to those that store emotionally powerful memories. As we all know, cells that fire together (say it with me) wire together. So we have strong emotional ties to events and those events are linked to music, and we have strong emotional ties to music.

Lecture over (with encouragement to do your own research, I wrote this from memory).

I listen to a fair bit of music that I first heard in my late teens. Saves the Day and Cursive, still, are two of my favorite bands and have been consistently released awesome music for years.

But the last few weeks, as happens from time to time, I revisited some of the music I haven’t heard for a long time. Some of it is terrible. Some is pretty cool. I stopped listening to music over the years for a few reasons. Sometimes I realized it was bad or my tastes changed, and sometimes it just got pushed out of rotation when new music came out. Perhaps I lost the album, lost the files, etc. They were simply buried over time for no real reason.

One of the bands I’ve found I still enjoy a bit is Circa Survive. Anthony Green (the singer) was in a band called Saosin for about 15 minutes and released a scene-favorite EP in 2003, that was mindbogglingly popular and sustained Saosin for years after (every release after was unfavorably compared to the EP). When Circa Survive put out Juturna, I was a fan. Then they released On Letting Go and I realized they were pretty one note (though I thought On Letting Go was a better, more solid, fully formed album, just too similar in sound. At the time at least, I would rather listen to OLG over Juturna). After that I lost interest. I think I listened to their next album once or twice but can’t recall. After all these years, revisiting Juturna has been fun.


Then I relistened to The Receiving End of Sirens and Beloved. Those two bands a similarly post-hardcore, melodic emo-whatever. Allmusic.com calls both bands pop/rock and calls their songwriting complex. Upon revisiting, I enjoyed both of these bands, too.

Beloved is a neat little band. I never got super into them, but I liked how heavy and melodic they were. The cute guitar parts are fun. I’m not massive into the breakdowns but they don’t go too far with them like a lot of screamo did.


The Receiving End of Sirens are pretty neat, too. They are similar to Beloved with fun guitar work and focusing on being super melodic. They have a few breakdowns as well, but not too much screaming in what I’ve been listening to. Nice little groove in this one.


Jets to Brazil. So good. I made a mistake. Why did I stop listening? I want all this.



I had more but this is running long and there’s not much people like less than blogs about music.

To make it worth your while, feel free to post some music you like. I’d love to hear new stuff. And even if I don’t like it, I’ll be super polite in my review!

Turning Back the Clock

4 thoughts on “Turning Back the Clock

  1. I have also recently turned back time (sung in my best Cher impersonation) on my music. Music is everything to me and I am always looking for new sounds and new artists. I keep creating soundtracks of my life as I grow and learn new things. I have always declared Staind to be my favorite band, but in all honesty, I don’t really have one. I liked Staind for who they were and where I was in my life. I thought their lyrics were amazing and had depth. That was/is my style most of the time. Sure, I give in to fun pop songs sometimes, but I am open minded. The last couple of years, I have really been into Electronic and Neo folk music. I don’t know why but it feels dramatic from the hard Rock. Have I changed that much or has my appreciation grown?

    As for something to listen to, BANKS has held my interest for a while. Check out: Brain, This is what it feels like, Waiting game, and Better.

    I think it’s the lyrics and the heavy beat that mellows me out.

    This was actually kind of tough for me to single out. I like a plethora of genres.

    1. Haha, I was avoiding the phrase “turn back time” for that reason.
      My favorite band has been, and probably always will be, the beatles.(Followed closely by Led Zeppelin, then Cursive (or Tim Kasher in general).)
      Banks was interesting. I think I kept waiting for something to happen, especially because I’ve been listening to pretty intricate/involved music lately. Might not be the best time for me to listen to her. Her voice is nice though.

      1. The Beatles were an instantaneous love for me. There’s no question. I also think my innsr contrarian refused to fall for it, so i was in denial for a while. I also accidentally found the Monkees via insomnia as a child. That was interesting.

        I definitely like Led Zeppelin, but I don’t think I have heard Cursive.

        I feel like I am always trying to impress you lol

        Royksopp is a lot of fun. I had the privilege of being up close and personal at a concert this summer. Listen to Monument (the inevitable end version), Do It Again (Zoo Remix), and Sordid affair.

        If you’d like a little girl power, Meg Myers is pretty amazing. Heart Heart Head, Monster, and Desire are my favorites.

        This is mostly newer stuff, sorry.

      2. I loved the Monkees, and still would probably enjoy a song or two. Don’t have any albums and never did but the tv show was awesome and hilarious (even John Lennon said he liked it).
        Cursive is a hard band to talk about. They’ve been one of my favorites for almost 15 years and still have no idea how to introduce them to people. They don’t really have anything like a single, and the majority of their albums are semi-concept albums so the songs fit in better as a whole than as singles.
        I’ll have to check out Royksopp. Thanks.
        I’m always down for girl power. (Shout out to Screaming Females and UUVVWWZ.)

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