My Foot Is Destroyed


I wrote, recently, about the aging my body has been doing behind my back (I don’t understand that sentence either). My little toe is something akin to broken, but, as I haven’t seen a doctor, I wouldn’t know the status. Point being, my foot hurts whenever I move. The fun thing about foot injuries is their knack for never healing on account of being used every other time you take a step. I haven’t been running around playing soccer or football (the same sport, depending on who’s reading this), I haven’t kicked any rocks or dropped any heavy objects on my already injured foot. But every time I take a step with my right leg, the pressure on my foot hurts the hurt part of my toe. (It’s the area around the cuboid/5th metatarsal.) I can’t imagine my foot is getting any better, no matter how immobile I make my little toe.

So now I’ve wrapped my foot up something fierce and am hopeful a few days of this will turn things around. But the world isn’t made for suddenly massive feet. I wonder where I fit in. Surely, I’m a lonely fool, and nothing more. I feel better physically, already, but I’m afraid my non-existent ego has taken another formidable blow. I have to recreate an ego just to allow it to be destroyed yet again. At least it was a philosophical decision last time. I don’t know what the general public thinks as I hobble around. Can’t I just be considered eccentric and quirky?


Got this off of google. Credit to whoever wants it. Also, I had no idea what any of these bones were until 3 minutes ago. Keeping my foot moisturized though. Looking good.

My Foot Is Destroyed

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