A Little Better

I went to see my niece yesterday even though my knee still hurts a fair bit, but who said I wasn’t an idiot? Surely, not me. I wouldn’t say it was a mistake but my knee is sore today. Sort of a calculated risk and I accept the consequences. I’ve been going stir crazy. Got that cabin fever. Not the movie. Although, that movie was fun. I remember little about what made me like that movie, but I had a great time watching it. I went in with zero expectations and spent the first 30+ minutes making fun of it. But I realized how much fun I was having watching it and making fun of it. The little twists were cool but weren’t what made me love it. I think it was that the movie was having fun and it would have been silly not to join in. What the hell am I talking about?

Okay, so yeah, I went to see my niece yesterday and she was pretty awesome. Not much like watching a tiny, helpless, characterless, little baby grow into someone with opinions. She’s less than a year old but is starting to have preferences. She used to not have much to say about who held her or for how long. But now she doesn’t like some people. She turns away and yells (she’s not much of a crier… yet). It’s hilarious (except not for the relative who is being denied). She’s pickier about food and when she eats. She might not want a nap. Basically, she’s starting to not like things. Interesting to see that when an individual starts to form, dislikes are among the first features. To be fair, I’m in a pretty negative mood given that I can’t walk all that well and have spent almost an entire week (plus another week of being sick) isolated from the world. And she does also like a few things more noticeably. She prefers certain foods and even has a slight preference for toys, though that’s still pretty random and half the things she wants to play with aren’t toys at all.

Anyway, we’re still best friends. Though I care more about her well-being than how well liked I am… in theory.


Edit: That is her from yesterday. I dressed her, so naturally she’s looking stylish. The bow is less for gender identification and more for the massive amount of hair she has with the frustrating tendency to cover her eyes. In addition, she doesn’t appear to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of stacked blocks. No matter that I took the time to delicately stack them.

A Little Better

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