Notes from 2 Days: Obscure Poetry?

If that plane isn’t careful it’ll hit that other plane and come crashing down on my apartment building. I don’t want to die typing a note on my computer. This is my legacy!

Is there obscure poetry out there that anyone reading this can recommend? I was never able to get into “classic” poetry, but I’m very interested in the format. I enjoy abstract, and there’s something about incredibly plain/straightforward poetry that I’m drawn to. Perhaps it’s my simplistic mind. We don’t like what we don’t understand, right?

Does every hat fit God or does he appear imperfect in some cases?

My dad told me he thought he would die by 30 because he kept doing borderline irresponsible things. Once he ditched school with friends and went drag racing on a mountain. They crashed into the side of the mountain, one kid went through the windshield, my dad ripped the hand grip off the door, and they all somehow walked away. Oh and the other direction was a cliff. Then once when working on a orange grove as a youth, he was riding on the side of a tractor, and it rolled. In college, he developed a semi-serious eye problem but took months to go to a doctor because he just assumed it was from all the illicit drugs he was doing. He was a good role model if you can believe it.

Why is happiness worth pursuing?

There aren’t two types of people in the world. It’s not clever anymore, if it ever was.

I need to do more research about loneliness. I hear we’re social animals but I haven’t tried to confirm this. I think it may be a ruse. Right off the bat, it’s the old naturalistic fallacy.

I think I might read to impress myself, sometimes. I suppose not every page can be fun. Improvement is a struggle. If vanity forces growth, I guess vanity can’t be all bad, right?

When you say “I don’t know why” that means something’s wrong with you’re brain. You need to figure out why you have that intuition and see if it makes sense. “I just don’t like it” is what fools say.

Oddly enough, saying “I don’t know” is good. Go learn.

Notes from 2 Days: Obscure Poetry?

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