I’m about to learn an awful lot about one of my favorite authors. No one else I’ve read is as consistently brilliant as Vonnegut is. He is an idol of mine. But Being an idol doesn’t mean I have any delusions of him being a saint. He was an idol because of his flaws as well, and I’m sure they contributed to his talent as a story teller and writer. The way he approached life, and faced the terrible with sardonic wit. Diffusing any situation by focusing on the absurd. I know a tiny bit about his personal life. Primarily his younger and army years. The rest I know from his work, including his almost-autobiography and all the times he puts himself in a story. But most of that is mixed with fiction and hard to determine when it’s really him speaking and when it’s a character. I don’t know his day to day demeanor. I don’t know his philosophies, though I’m guessing it’s a bit slapstick and a bit absurdist. And I’m sure he wrote satire for a reason. I was always envious, not of his writing abilities, plenty of people can write, but of his brain. How he saw the world and how he could fill any imaginary world with meaning.
I’m going to get a peak inside his life now. His personal thoughts and actions that didn’t make it into his novels and short stories. I’m not sure what will be revealed. Perhaps he’s more flawed than I thought, and I’ll have to reconsider my feelings toward his books. But that’s unlikely (unless it turns out he was a pedophile or something, which I think I would have heard about by now). Maybe it’ll give me a better understanding of where he’s coming from. Maybe it’ll color my opinion of his work. Or maybe it’ll simply be an interesting account of a single persons life. Life is inherently interesting in my estimation.


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