Possibly my only photoblog

This won’t become a habit.*

I spent about 32 hours with my niece. It’s funny how much work it takes to accomplish so little with a 5ish month old. It’s closing in on 2 A.M. and I’m feeling slightly wrecked. Granted, I took advantage of our limited time together and held her for most of the day. I’m not one for working out, but I imagine it’s not easy to hold anything for 2 plus hours. But almost every moment of the day requires attention and it’s probably not bad for her to bond with other humans.

Wake up, change, bottle, play, nap. Wake, bottle, play. Nap, play, bottle. Nap, play, bottle. Nap? Bath. Bed.

Alright, now include the fact that this little monster human doesn’t exactly cooperate. The details are boring and typical. Bottles take forever to finish. Naps take forever to start. Ten minutes turns into an hour.

If I wanted to do anything… it wouldn’t happen. I tried reading a slightly involved science book for all of two minutes before I got sidetracked. It was all I could do to wash the dishes and keep the apartment moderately clean.

Anyway, here’s a brief summary of our day. I try to keep her engaged. Constantly talk to her, or sing. Play as much as she can. Show her interesting and new things. Keep her eyes seeing, ear hearing, mouth “talking,” arms and legs moving. Anything to keep her brain going. Build connections and cut back others.


Happy in the morning, with my cat plotting her death.


Play session on, what I assume to be, her favorite blanket. Also, she’s eating a turtle. We had a talk about zoos. We have a tentative agreement that she will never go to the circus. We’ll work out the details once she gets a working brain.


Incredibly excited for the trip to come. Or she just saw the Beatles boxset sleeve.


Loving the wilds of campus. Held her for about 40-50 minutes while we walked. This was probably about 30 minutes in and she was all about it still.


And so no one accuses me of being bias, here she is punching me in the nose last week. No look punch was impressive.



I miss her.




*I admit I do talk about her a lot, but I feel the topics encompass larger questions and concerns than this type of photoblog. I think I can avoid more of these since it’s my first one and she’s coming up on 6 months.

Possibly my only photoblog

3 thoughts on “Possibly my only photoblog

  1. accioweekend says:

    Too cute! I have quite a number of nephews and nieces (thanks to a ton of cousins) and I have taken care of most of them too. I know how it feels being tired and distracted and frustrated, but kids are such a joy as well, which makes babysitting a happy adventure all in all.

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