Oh man, another post I will spend way too much time putting together, while fully aware how rare it is for someone to listen to random songs on a random persons blog. LET’S GO!

In this hemisphere at this time of year, it means winter. And winter means cold. Granted, someone in Colorado might not agree with me on what qualifies as cold, but we can agree it’s colder than usual for all of us. Winter brings a lot of Christmas music, but that’s too cheery for this weather. It’s damp and cold. It looks depressing and, SAD tells us, it makes us depressed. That doesn’t mean the music has to be down, but maybe something that fits the mood better than A Holly Jolly Christmas. (yeah, Blue Christmas, Please Come Home, and Fairytale of New York are better, but still.)

These songs fit really well with the winter days. I like to go on walks with these playing in the headphones. Or play them on my fancy stereo to accompany the rain hitting the roof.

Nada Surf – See These Bones
Almost every Nada Surf song is great for winter (and rain), but See These Bones is perfect. See These Bones is a near perfect song. Day, night, hot, cold, whatever. The three melodies at the end of the song are beautiful. Everything is layered and still really clean sounding without being overproduced. Their album Let Go is a must have for every living person.

The Good Life – So Let Go
Wonderfully sparse song. It sounds pretty even though it’s a bit of a downer, lyrically. Turned up loud, you can hear every sound. Layered songs like the Nada Surf song above are great, but this sort of thing will always have a place in my heart.

Murder by Death – I Came Around
Very hard to pick a song by these guys. I loved their 2003 album Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them? and saw them in November of that year (with The New Amsterdams and Straylight Run). A lot of their songs are wonderful for slow, dark days. This stripped down live version is great, maybe better than the album.Oh, and a quick note about the name… it’s terrible. BUT it’s taken from a movie of the same name, so don’t hold it against them.



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