Fan Friday

Hey! look who remembered. Hopefully you actually like this feature since I happened to remember to do it again. Well I forgot to think of something to talk about, but I remembered the feature exists so I’m nailing that 50% mark. In my first quarter of calculus a 50% would have been a B. You liberal arts and bio majors have it easy.

I hesitate to feature music, since I already post music a lot, but one of my favorite albums of all time is being reissued and I’m relearning how much I love it.

I remember the day I bought this CD. It was 2003. (Remember that year?) The car I was driving didn’t have a CD player installed, so I had a cassette adapter that plugged into a portable CD player. I drove the ~30 minutes to Rasputin Records all by myself because no one liked me. The album came out in March but I didn’t get around to buying it until ~ April 13th, a week before I was going to see them play in San Francisco. It was lightly raining that day and super overcast. The weather was perfect for this record. There’s even a line in one of the songs that goes “In his head it’s like the weather, back and forth, it’s like the weather, when it rains, it pours down.” I loved every moment of the record. It’s longer than the drive so I sat in my driveway listening to the rest of the album before going inside.

Once in my room, I played the CD on my stereo and sat on the floor reading the liner notes. It’s partially laid out like a play.


It was raining harder outside. I remember being able to hear the rain hitting the house in between songs and during quiet parts. It went so well with the music, I always hear rain when I listen to the record especially during the huge and beautiful 10 minute closing track.

A week later I was watching them play all these songs live. It’s one of my favorite shows ever. They were insane back then. The singer, Tim Kasher, was maybe drinking a bit too much at the time. Some of the shows would be chaos. But their sound is very chaotic so it fit pretty well. They had a cellist back then, too. She’s fantastic on the record, but it was her only LP with them. (they brought in some horns on the next album)

I love this record. From start to finish it’s nearly perfect. So there’s my fan friday.

Fan Friday

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