This really is a fantastic little book. There’s round about 40 beautiful and funny stories in here. Not every single one is amazing but nearly, and there are some that are exceptional. Even my least favorite stories are impossibly clever. The imagination that went into each is obvious and a joy to experience. In most of the stories there is some religious or scientific idea underneath being commented on. One of my favorites is about a god who becomes depressed when the religious people she reveals herself to don’t accept her Book of Truth and hang on to their previous beliefs. She becomes an outcast among her chosen people.
Another one is about reliving your life and watching the narrative you built for yourself based on half true memories fall apart.

The stories are short. Usually two pages, and never more than four. It works really well. They don’t need to be any longer. It results in a short book, but I thought it was still worth the money.

I’m not sure how a deeply religious person would react to this book. Of course it depends on the individual, but in general I think this book would be well received. It’s a tiny bit blasphemous since it suggests alternate afterlife scenarios and sometimes subtly comments on beliefs critically. But there is nothing insulting and since they are all fiction, and claim nothing more, they don’t take away anything from anyone’s beliefs. That’s my interpretation, at least.

I don’t like to review books and this hardly counts as one. I just liked it so much, I wanted to recommend it to everyone.


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