One of the many areas I’m lacking.
I’m a pretty skinny fella and always have been. Some people might be tempted to attribute this to genes or some mystical metabolism, but I’m just an active son of a gun.
The problem is trying to dress this awkward body. I have come to the realization that t-shirts have formed some sort of alliance against me. I wore them my whole life and apparently this was viewed as an affront somehow because their rebellion is strong. Finding a t-shirt that fits me has become nearly impossible over the past few years. Mediums almost fit. The length is good the sleeve length is good, but(!) the chest is too tight. So much so that I sometimes freak out and feel like I can’t breathe.  Going up a size to a large is a roll of the dice. Sometimes, it’s good. Chest is nice. Length is okay. But most of the time it’s too big everywhere except the chest and it looks like I’m wearing some sort of blanket. Maybe I’ve been doing some sort of extensive chest/shoulder exercises that I’m not aware of. Otherwise, I have no idea what this chest issue is about. What’s been made perfectly clear is I need to get particular about what shirts I buy (online is a no-no) or I need to switch it up.
My youthful casualness has run it’s course and I’m being forced to grow up in attire, though in few other ways. Here are my options. Topless all the time. Ideal for any male or female who loves looking at weird bodies in poor self esteem postures. Not as ideal for me. (Though maybe a helpful exercise just one I’m not ready for.)
Option 2: Dress like a grown person. Throw on a solid button up. I like the idea of having a sort of unofficial uniform. Some of you might know Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi from The League and frequently on Comedy Bang Bang). He’s known for wearing a white oxford and jeans
Einstein did something similar but with a suit and I’m not that classy (yet!).

I don’t know. I used to just throw on any t-shirt and shorts, or jeans, and head out. Now I have to think about which shirt fits well enough to get me through the day without making me want to tear it off and throw it in a fire. I’d just wear large’s but half the time they make me look like an elementary school kid wearing his older brothers clothes. I’m an adult for goodness sake, I shouldn’t look like a preteen skateboarder. nyjah skate Works for this kid though.


I’m just a loser in a t-shirt, jeans, I don’t fucking care.



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