Music or fashion or something

I swear there was a time when I could identify a punk rock girl from a 100 yards away. Before I’m accused of oversimplifying things, she might not be into punk. Maybe indie rock. Or hardcore. Or even ska. Doesn’t matter. And not all girls who were into these things looked the same. Some didn’t wear the punk rock uniform. Not even all the girls who did looked the same. But instead of qualifying my statement some more, I’ll get on with my point.

Dyed hair, tattoos, ripped clothing, studded jackets, iron on patches, etc. were all the hallmark of a weirdo punk rock girl that I would probably fall in love with if she said hi to me. She might have had a silly hair style. And may have worn sneakers that were half colored in or drawn on. And was usually made fun of by the more “normal” people.

That was sort of my scene back in my high school days. But walking around town the last few years (or casually glancing at a magazine) I run into more and more tattooed, dyed hair individuals. They look exactly like the girls I used to hang out with but the similarities are all superficial. And I don’t mean that in some sort of elitist way. They aren’t posers or whatever, they don’t pretend to be interested in what I like. The style just spread.

Now I see Rihanna with a mohawk or a half shaved head or wearing a municipal waste jacket covered in patches and have no idea what’s going on. I don’t really care. My life is hardly ruined, but it was nice seeing green hair and thinking I had an ally in the world.

Oddly, I haven’t noticed this happening with boys as much. Maybe the douchebag mohawks have increased in frat world, but the legit mohawks are restricted to punk rock shows. And guys with dyed hair are still uncommon. Heck, even long hair is still not super common and you’ll probably get some clever, and sexy ;), sexist comments (aahhh, memories). And a boy with painted nails is a weirdo, and will probably be called a faggot more than once in his lifetime (aahhh, memories). 

Is it good or bad? I don’t care. Wear what you like. Do what you like. Have fun. Just an observation and a little reminiscing. I may not have liked the same music as all those girls, and we may not have even gotten along, but I knew we could, at the very least, talk about what it was like to run in a circle while loud noise destroyed our stereocilia. Aahhh, memories.

Music or fashion or something

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