I wish I had something interesting to say. How ’bout that Miley Cyrus, huh?

…Yeah, I don’t give a shit either.

I just finished a book called Bluebeard, yesterday. It was incredible. Another amazing Vonnegut book. Not surprising in the least. I’ve read something along the lines of 18 Vonnegut works. Mostly novels, one short story, and two or three collections. I’d read every single thing with his name on it right now, but when he died I started slowing down. The realization that someday there won’t be more Vonnegut to discover is really sad. Like with The Beatles (not the album, you know what I mean), I can return to his work, but there is something special about the first time, especially with books. I think it’s the dedication of time. Reading really is unique. I can pop in a movie and 2 hours later be done with it. I’m not the fastest reader so a book is a significantly larger investment. Even it wasn’t, I can do the dishes and watch a movie. Check a website and watch a movie. Text a friend while listening to music. And on and on. But not so much when I’m holding a book. When I pick up a book, I can do nothing but read.

I’m not sure what I learned when reading Bluebeard (which is a really odd title for that book), but I do feel as if I learned something. Something about myself, or life, or both (because really how do you separate the two?). I was disappointed when I reached the end. I wanted more. I wanted the book to go on for ever. I want Vonnegut to talk to me all the time.

One thing in the book that made me smile was when he talked about how society has changed how we view ourselves and each other. He talked about before we were all connected. How a mediocre talent was exceptional before you could compare it to the best in the world. When the best ____ in town was the best anyone knew about. And so a painter, a musician, a naturalist, could exist in that town and be someone important. Now, I might be the best athlete in my town but that means almost nothing unless I can beat the best in the world and reach the NFL or win a gold in the Olympics. I’m explaining this like the idiot I am, so you should just read the book. Plus, there’s much more in there and in every Vonnegut book I’ve read so far.


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